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Do you have XLarge thumbs? Dlite Jumbo is here!

D'Lite Green Light up Thumbs


Show your hands empty and magically make Green D'lite lights appear from anywhere you choose then disappear at will, all under your complete control at all times. Anyone can learn to perform D'Lite magic.

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You will absolutely amaze everyone with D'Lite. From children to seniors, it's easy magic that anyone can do. D'Lite is the greatest selling magic trick of all time. No other magic trick is so easy to and yet so powerful. Great for magicians, a natural for clowns. Make an ice cube light up in your bare hands. Make it appear and disappear at will. Put it through your ears. Great novelty. Amazing magic tricks and illusions for kids.

Show your hands empty, pluck a bright green light out of the air then pass it from hand to hand and make D'lite disappear. Pretend to put one in your mouth, and pull it out of your ear or play catch with your friends. Hold an ice cube in your bare hands, and make it glow bright green at your command.

• New in Box
• Instructions included

Available sizes:
Reg adult 

Available colors:
Red, Blue, Green, Morph, Gold, Purple, White, Color Change Red & Green

D'lite Demo

An endless list of things you can do with D'Lite is limited only by your imagination. The D'Lite DII DVD (sold separately) is the best way to learn all you can do, handing techniques, and tips from D'lites inventor, Roger Mayfarth.



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